Top 5 Mods for Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • Post published:November 12, 2021
  • Post last modified:April 9, 2024
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Have you ever wanted to add something new in Diablo 2 Resurrected, to make the game feel fresh again? In this post, I will share my personal top 5 mods for this remaster. But before we begin, you can also check out my guide on How to install mods for Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Every single mod listed in this article still works as of Patch 2.7 (Nov 2023 Update on PC). If you are facing difficulties or encountering bugs, please check the Troubleshooting section.

Although Diablo 2 Resurrected features upgraded visuals, sound design, and some minor quality-of-life changes (such as increased stash space or UI) it might not be enough to satisfy hardcore gamers.

Dozens of incredible mods exist for the original Diablo 2 that still manage to hold this 20-year-old game in quite a good shape (look for example at Eastern Sun or glorious Median XL). In a matter of time, similar mods may release for the remastered version, but at least at this moment such mods do not exist, and direct porting is not possible because of the different lines of code for the engine. So the list mostly features Quality-of-life Mods that will make your gameplay smoother and more satisfying for modern standards.

Here is my top 5 list of mods for this remaster right now. You can either check my video below, or continue reading this post.

Video Showcase

5. Enemy Multiplier

This small mod is pretty much self-explanatory. It adds extra monsters around the world to make it less safe to go around. This will also allow you to loot more gold, some extra items, and farm more experience if you are well-prepared for these fights. So always stay on alert or prepare to die.

4. Ultimate Loot Filter

The next modification is Ultimate Loot filter or compilation of multiple mods made by Givemhell. This mod adds custom icons for potions and runes. Now it is also possible to easily distinguish items on the ground by the reworked color filter for each type of item.

This compilation also increases cube slots, allowing players to stack runes and gems, however, for some reason, these two features do not work properly so this mod feels rather unfinished and outdated.

3. Extended Resurrection

Extended Resurrection mod brings a third ability for mercenaries as well as adding slots to equip extra gear (gloves, boots, rings, amulet, and belt), Although this doesn’t look so UI friendly, it works as intended.

The mod also increases cube size, adding new recipes for gems. Allows to stack runes, gems, and keys. Some other changes include item levels next to the name, 2 unique items, 2 jewels for weapon effects, and one new zone – River of Corrupted. However, most of these features may not work properly because of the incompatible game client and this requires further updates by the author of this mod.

The mod is still in the Work in Progress Stage and many features are to come later (according to the author of this modification).

2. Vanilla Plus

Vanilla Plus mod, created by Zander improves the original game by increasing drop rates, rebalancing underpowered skills, adding new cube recipes, and two new charms. You can also purchase a Token of Absolution from NPC to respec your points.

Some additional changes include the glowing effect for jewels and high-quality gems, changes to item affixes, and splash damage implementation for melee classes.

This mod also adds non-customizable miniature icons for gems, runes, potions, and gold. Sadly, there is not much else to see here, but there is still enough room for improvement.

1. BetterSP

BetterSP is probably the best all-in-one mod among the players that covers most of the long-requested features and 90% of the time works as intended (without breaking anything). This mod, just like Vanilla Plus basically aims for a comfortable vanilla experience, without adding extra items and just adjusting drop rates, increasing movement speed, mana, and stamina regen.

It also adds extra stash tabs to use as well as cube slots plus extra recipes for crafting runes, gems and respec tokens. Here you will also find a color filter with item levels in brackets to distinguish loot on the ground.

Apart from that, BetterSP reduces the Death penalty for high-level characters, removes 20-level skill limitations, disables summons limitations, and allows casting spells in town. The complete list of the changes can be found on the nexusmods or ModDB pages.

Basically, this mod brings plenty of quality-of-life changes without breaking much balance of the original game. The only downside of all these mods is that they cannot be played online with your friends and are only playable in offline mode.

It is up to you, which mod to try first, but I certainly recommend you test out Vanilla Plus by Zander and BetterSP by Karla and decide which one suits you the best.