Diablo 3 Nostalgia Sounds from Diablo II

  • Post published:June 29, 2021
  • Post last modified:August 26, 2022
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Stay awhile and listen!

After spending countless hours in Diablo games, I was really interested in recreating several aspects of the game and specifically sound design from the previous games – Diablo 1 and Diablo 2.

As We know, Diablo 3 slightly took a different approach to the old Classic, making visuals and sound effects less convincing. To be honest, I didn’t play much of the original Diablo 2 game back in 2000 as the internet to me was a complete and unknown mystery till 2009, and I wasn’t quite impressed with these 2D models.

But time passed and after playing Diablo 3 for many years, specifically in 2015, I decided that it was finally time to test my skills and learn the original story of Diablo Universe. And till this date, these two classic games aged like a good old wine, except for extremely outdated graphics.

To my sadness, I have not encountered many familiar and well-known features in Diablo 3, like Cubing recipes, charms, runes, memorable classes, and many locations from the Sanctuary.

However, in 2021 Blizzard has finally made it possible to release Diablo 2 Resurrected – a good-looking and decent remaster, not without the bugs of course, but still some decent well-polished game.

Why It was made?

Anyway, When 2015 Blizzcon 2015 took place, I decided to make my own piece of work and post it for the contest. Well, It didn’t work as planned, but I’m still quite satisfied with my video where I replaced all sound effects from Diablo 3 to the original Diablo 2.

For certain reasons, I only included the 3 most memorable and fitting classes (Wizard, Crusader, and Barbarian), since the rest of the classes from Diablo 3 have no reference at all.

Also, there were actual plans to also record 4-player group rift with replaced audio effects and the iconic Cow level, but this turned out to be impossible for my editing skills. Still, I’m quite satisfied with the final results.

I wish there was some kind of in-game or 3rd party editor to create mods for Diablo 3, change models, create new levels, animations, addons and go completely wild with your creativity. Instead, we received an Online game that made it impossible for the modding community to touch the source code of Diablo 3.

At some point, some enthusiasts cracked the code and made a working server emulator, but that’s another story and the game is quite old already to be modded.

Maybe we’ll see some mods in the future, but for now, Diablo 3 has not much room for experiments and creativity for content creators. The only way would be some post-production editing like I did in the video below.

Video Summary

There are only 3 classes to show in this video – Sorceress (Wizard), paladin (Crusader), and barbarian. You may also find a secret message or the actual reference hidden at the end of my video.

I spent enough time without any support to make it possible, and I hope you like this kind of content. Thank you for reading, stranger.