Diablo 3 – Seasonal Conquests Ultimate Guide

  • Post published:March 1, 2023
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Are you playing a season in Diablo 3 and struggling to complete your seasonal journey because of the conquests? Well, this is the right place for you. Here, I’m going to share my best methods on how to beat all of these “challenges” with or without any help!

Remember, It is also possible to complete the same conquest twice! In Softcore and Hardcore modes. But you will have to create a separate character and level up from scratch.

Just pay attention to the steps, follow my general recommendations, and you will definitely complete your seasonal tasks with ease. And if you are in a rush, you can simply watch my video guides below for the corresponding conquests. Happy reading or watching, Nephalems.

Season Journey tasks completed within first few days

Avarice / Avaritia

Conquest requirements: Complete a 50 million gold streak while outside of the Vault and the Inner Sanctum.

The description of this conquest is pretty self-explanatory. Your primary goal is to gather at least 50 million gold from either your enemies or bounty caches (this method is described below). Remember to do this alone, because enemies drop gold only if you deal the final blow! 50 million sounds like a lot, but all you need for this is a fast and deadly class. The best and the safest option would be Demon Hunter, because of his wide and effective skills, but you can actually choose any class that can kill and move fast.

With the method I describe below, I managed to gather over 130 million of gold on Torment XVI without any gold find% from my equipment or emerald in helm (which adds +41% increased gold find). And if you want to lower the risks and make it even faster, then you can also look for Goldskin armor, Leoric’s Crown socketed with Emerald or Avarice Band.

But the key item to successful completion of this conquest is the legendary gem called Boon of the Hoarder. You can find it inside the Vault by opening Puzzle Rings, or by killing treasure goblins around the Sanctuary.

Once you obtain it, simply play some Greater Rifts between level 40-80. This takes at least 10 Greater Rift runs if you use empowerment and never die. You can also empower the rift to get one additional upgrade chance. Just remember, to empower only the suitable Greater Rifts that fit your character’s power. Just imagine playing Greater Rifts ~40 with empowerment only later to realize that your legendary gem is already beyond that point, and you have no chance to upgrade it.

The Easiest spot – Ruins of Corvus

Remember Ruins of Corvus from act V? The map full of demons and small scarabs all over the place? We are going to visit it once you level your legendary gem to level 50 and equip it.

This is the place, where I got over 130 million of gold in just a few minutes. But before you rush to the waypoint, I recommend you to fully gear your character and make it strong enough to survive and kill everything on Torment XVI. If you are still weak, consider finding extra items and make a proper build out of it by using other guides for Diablo 3.

Feeling strong to try it out? Then teleport to Ruins of Corvus, but don’t start killing just yet! First, scout the entire map while checking all the corners and holes to force scarabs out of their hideouts, and keep doing this until you reach a dead end. This may sound boring and dangerous to you, and you may probably die in the process of doing so, but I guarantee you, that you will receive more than 50 million gold within one streak.

One of the layouts for Ruins of Corvus

Second, consult your scouted map and make the best route. You can either return to the waypoint and start from there or keep moving from a dead end and plan your route beforehand.

Now, the rest is simple. Start slaying enemies following your own precise route, make sure to grab most of the gold you find on the ground, keep the streak growing by killing more, and try not to die. Eventually, the streak will reach the mark of 50 million and you will then see an achievement pop-up. If you fail to reach 50 million gold-streak, make sure to grab as many gold find % items as you can, and restart the game session to try again.

The Alternative – Cow Level

Craft this polearm to open a secret level

And Another spot for the 50+ million gold-streak is the Cow level. You can easily access this area by crafting yellow polearms from Blacksmith and then converting them in cube into legendaries using page 3. Keep rolling these polearms until you get Bovine Bardiche. Now put it in the Kanai’s cube (just like Puzzle ring) to open a portal to a secret area with angry cows.

But I personally avoid this Cow level early on, especially when your character lacks damage or mobility, as this is a wide-open map that requires you to move constantly and engage in combat with high-hp enemies.

There is no cow level and no gold…

But if you feel like you are strong and fast enough, then go for it. Scout the area if needed, aggro as many enemies as you can, open all the chests, pick the pylons with the Nemesis bracers and kill fast. It may take a few tries, and it’s not guaranteed that you get 50 million gold streak first try. And also bring the fastest class to the Cow Level. I recommend Demon Hunter, Monk, Barbarian, or Necromancer for this job.

The Old-fashioned and Lazy Method – Bounty Caches

Complete bounties to get caches with gold!

This is the most tedious and old-fashioned method you can use to get 50 million gold while standing in town! But here is the tricky part – you have to play 7 full runs (from Act I to Act V) of bounties on Torment XVI in a group or solo to get in total 35 bounty caches. 31 (XVI) caches are roughly enough, but 35 is still worth it for bounty materials and safety measures.

Once you finish 7 full bounty runs on Torment XVI, go to any town and disable your pet! Because it will auto-pick gold as soon as you open the first bounty cache. Now open all 35 bounty caches from your inventory and keep standing still, it is important! After all the items are on the ground, move a little, and you will get your 50+ million gold streak. Congratulations! I don’t think it was fun, but you made it.

Video Guide

Boss Mode / Worlds Apart

Conquest requirements: Kill every boss at max level on Torment X or higher within 20 minutes of the start of the game.

TL:DR Best tips to master this conquest:
1. Try to memorize boss locations on the map. Also keep in mind, that some zones have a static layout.
2. As much movement speed as you can! Use certain skill runes to improve resource/cooldown + legendaries
3. Set up a timer to see your precise time
4. Play on Torment 10
5. Use SSD and good CPU to load fast! Play with other player if you have weak PC.
6. Ignore chests, goblins, legendaries!
7. Take shrines when you can
8. Get some perks from Altar of Rites
9. Some classes can skip walls (the Keep, Corvus etc.)
10. Bind the hotkey for Close all Open Windows to skip background dialogues and cutscenes
11. Call another nephalem and let him initiate boss fights

This is a tough one. But you can call friends or play it alone if you are familiar with map layouts and have completed the story before. Prepare to bring the fastest class and suitable farming build for this conquest, or else lose.

Your PC also matters here. If you have low-end hardware (no SSD, weak CPU, low RAM, outdated GPU), then with a high chance you can fail to finish it within the time limit.

Solo Mode

In case you are unfamiliar with this objective, this conquest requires you to kill 16 bosses from all 5 acts within 20 minutes in the Adventure mode, on torment X or a higher difficulty level. You may of course attempt to do this conquest on the maximum difficulty, but I personally recommend you stick to the minimum requirement
level, which is torment X, and for two reasons: First, you will not find as many legendaries as on torment XVI, so these precious items won’t distract you from achieving your goal within 20 minutes.

And second, Your enemies will die almost instantly, which is what we need to save as much time as we can. Another important tip to keep in mind is that once you start the game and enter the town, the hidden in-game timer will start ticking. So make a plan beforehand and set up your timer.

Additionally, you can improve your chances of beating this conquest by upgrading the Altar of Rites. You can increase movement speed, get extra shrine buffs, add more resource regeneration and more!

This means, that killing the first boss will not start the timer. You start the timer whenever you enter the game. And to my knowledge, if you are playing solo, then you can pause the timer to plan your next move and track your progress in the conquests window.

Essential Skills & Items for Each Class

Here are some of the important tools that will help you with this conquest for all classes:

For Witch Doctor, you should use Spirit Walk, Hex with Manajuma’s Way set or Shukrani’s Triumph. Any 6-piece set will do just fine. Just take your time to memorize your abilities and core mechanics.

For Monk Dashing Strike plus In-Geom and Jawbreaker fist, which will allow using Dashing Strike more often, as long as you have elites and other enemies nearby. You may also equip Raiment of a Thousand Storms set to squeeze even more mobility if you struggle to find elites.

Demon HunterVault or Smoke Screen, best used with Gears of Dreadlands set or Shadow Mantle set with Impale and Chain of Shadows. You can also use two pieces of Danetta’s crossbows to remove the discipline cost from the Vault. In-Geom is also an option here.

Crusader Steed Charge and Norvald’s set, plus one-handed flail Swiftmount for increased steed duration. Any set is viable here. You can use Akkhan for more cooldown reduction and output damage.

As for Wizard, there are not many options for mobility, but you should definitely try Teleport with Aether Walker, or Archon-based build which would allow to teleport non-stop.

Barbarian Whirlwind and Sprint with Bul-Kathos Swords or Furious Charge with the Legacy of Raekor set. Not many choices, but trust me, it’s more than enough. For extra speed, you can also use Warcry with any rune with Chilanik’s Chain.

And finally Necromancer Blood Rush with Steuart’s Greeves and In-Geom.

Act V – First Steps to Test your Performance

Once you are fully geared, you can start the game and begin from Act V as this is possibly the hardest part of this challenge. Specifically for large maps like Ruins of Corvus for Adria and Westmarch Heights for Urzael. Consider yourself lucky if you have a bounty to kill these bosses. If not, then you can recreate the game and try again if you’re struggling with one of them.

The road to Act V bosses is full of obstacles

As for Malthael, he is always located at the same spot to the left of the Pandemonium Fortress level 2 waypoint.

It shouldn’t be a problem to kill all these bosses, just make sure to follow the right path, and always skip dialogues whenever possible. If you are not familiar with skip mechanics in Diablo 3, then you can watch my video – How to Skip Dialogues.

On average, Act V should take you between 3-5 minutes. If you fall behind that time, I recommend you restart the game and try again, as the following Acts are much easier than this one.

Act I and Beyond

After you clear Act V, you can continue with any Act you like, but to track your progress easier, start from the first act. There are 3 bosses in Act I – The first one is Skeleton King in Royal Crypts which has a static layout. You should already know the way, as this is considered the first “tutorial” boss.

As for the other two, The Butcher in the Halls of Agony level 3 and the Queen Aranae in the Caverns of Aranae, the layouts there are randomized, so prepare for possible dead ends. You may also encounter many shrines on your way, so don’t hesitate to use them. The shrines you find can be crucial for your efficiency, especially if you equip Gloves of Worship on your follower. You can find these gloves in Act III bounty caches.

The whole act takes about 2 to 4 minutes.

Act II is the shortest, but time is still short

Act II will be the shortest act of all, and it barely takes even 3 minutes to clear all the bosses: Maghda in Alcarnus, Belial in City of Caldeum, and Zoltun Kulle in Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

You can find them next to waypoints, and the map layouts always remain the same. So even if you are a new player, just follow to the right and eventually you will find a boss entrance. Just one tip though, don’t try to kill Vidian as he is not listed in this conquest! Just ignore him completely and don’t waste your precious time. The total time for Act II is 1-2 minutes. Worst case scenarios 3-4 minutes max.

Once you have beaten all the bosses from the previous acts, it is time to move to Act III. This is where you will find not three, but four bosses! Ghom, located in the Keep Depths level 3, Assault Beast in Rakkis Crossing (a very long and annoying bridge), Azmodan in The Core of Arreat. and Cydaea in Tower of the Cursed level 1.

The first three can be found on the same level as the waypoint and have a pretty linear path, while Cydaea is located at the second level of Tower of the Cursed. They all have fixed layout except for Ghom, but this level is relatively small and takes only up to 1 minute to find the entrance.

The optimal time to clear Act III is about 3 to 5 minutes total.

And the final destination for this conquest is Act IV. By the time you reach this act, you should still have about 5-10 minutes to spare to finish the conquest. It features three bosses that can be easily found without much practice.

Rakanoth is the easiest one. Just use the Gardens of Hope level 1 waypoint and always stick to the left as the map layout doesn’t change. Another two – Diablo and Izual are located basically on the same map, but on different levels inside the Silver Spire. This place has a few randomly generated spots with long bridges and dead ends, but no need to panic, just pay close attention to “Twin” bridges. Once you find them, they will surely lead you in the right direction. On average, finding all act IV bosses should take about 3 to 4 minutes.

Once you kill the final boss and do this within 20 minutes, you will see a pop-up achievement on your screen. If not, then you probably didn’t pay close attention to your play time, or you simply missed the notification. In any case, it is now time to discuss the group method for this conquest below.

Group Method

If you are still struggling to do this alone, and you can’t kill them all within 20 minutes – don’t worry. Remember, that you might still have some friends or other players from the communities who will significantly reduce the time to finish this conquest.

The only thing you should know right away is that all the players who want to complete this conquest with you must also be present at the boss battle to count the kill. And yes, in multiplayer games the timer will not freeze. So, make a proper plan before entering the game!

The main key rule your group should follow is that all players must do this separately, like split bounties but bosses instead. Each player in the group is looking for the boss entrance, specifically, which is located in a randomly generated layout. The first player who finds the entrance initiates the combat, while other players who were in the process of searching for the boss create the usual portal to town and save it for the next fight.

Learn how portals work – use them to your advantage

Once all the players kill the boss, which the first player initiated, all players teleport back to town, to the portal which leads to the place where they originally left. But This will only work if you teleport to town using the map. It can be easily done if you open your Adventure map (M key by default) and then select a waypoint to town from there. If you cast your usual teleport (with T key by default) instead, it will overwrite the previous portal and you or other players will have to start over from the waypoint and thus waste some time. Maybe it sounds complicated at first, but with practice, it will be less confusing. Just keep in mind that if you or your friend find a boss first, teleport back to town and accept the boss fight.

And if other players have already finished this conquest, it is going to be even easier, since they can just decline the boss fight and simply wait for you in front of the next boss entrance, while you deal with the current boss. So, it can be done even without saving portals. The other player will search and start the boss for you and move on.

Basically, this conquest can be done even with only 2 players, as there is still plenty of time to kill all the bosses. You can pick any class and set while playing in a group, you only have to use the right legendaries and skills for that conquest and cooperate with your team. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you doing this conquest in a 4-man group, because it becomes much more chaotic and disorganized even with the voice chat.

If you still have some questions, feel free to check the video guide below! It explains both methods for the Boss Mode conquest.

Video Guide

The Thrill / Super Human

Conquest requirements: Reach Greater Rift level 45 Solo without any Set items equipped.

Nowadays, this conquest can be done even without much preparation and on any class! All you need to safely beat this conquest is the right legendary gem – Legacy of Dreams. Of course, you may attempt to beat this conquest even without this gem, by simply piling overpowered legendaries and raising paragon points, but it would take too much effort.

This is your winning ticket for GR45

By leveling this legendary gem at least to level 25 (to unlock its second bonus) you will receive a massive damage boost, even without many ancient legendary items in your possession. As I mentioned before, it can be done on any class, but I highly recommend you to do this on Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer or Wizard. Ranged classes have much more chances to beat this conquest even without defensive items. You may still die during your GR45 play, but if you do enough damage, and strike first, then you will surely win. However, if you plan to do this on Hardcore, then stack offensive items first!

Here are a few tips though – DO NOT equip even a single individual set (green) item or it will not count. And don’t do this in a group! As the conquest states, you have to finish this Greater Rift solo.

Divinity / Lionhearted

Conquest requirements: Reach Greater Rift Level 75 Solo.

This is another straightforward conquest that can be done naturally – by playing the game. Thanks to the recent set changes, especially after Patch 2.6.1, any class is capable of reaching high Greater Rift levels within the first few days or even hours if you are familiar with the builds.

Depending on what class you play, and for how long, you can consult Solo leaderboards for the most suitable set and close Greater Rifts within the time limit until you reach Level 75 (which is equal Torment XVI Difficulty). Eventually, you may struggle to finish it within the time limit because of toughness issues of output damage. However, if you casually play a few Nephalem Rifts, you will find plenty of useful legendaries and materials to tweak your equipment and Kanai’s cube.

Always roll your gear accordingly: critical chance, critical damage, area damage, % to skills, proper gems in your helm and weapons, elemental damage, resistances or armor.

If you want to squeeze even more damage from your hero, then you should definitely try the Convention of Elements ring, Focus + Restraint set rings, Captain Crimson’s Trimmings, Guardian’s Jeopardy or The Furnace to deal with elites faster. For defensive items I recommend you to try an Esoteric Alteration legendary gem, and Unity ring equipped both, on your character and your follower.

On a Good Day / I can’t Stop

Conquest requirements: Level three Legendary Gems to level 65.

Just like Divinity conquest, it can be finished relatively easy either in classic Greater Rifts or Echoing Nightmares.

Leveling these is tedious

Each time you finish a Greater Rift by killing a Rift Guardian you’ll be able to update your legendary gem (if you finished it within the time limit and didn’t die) for a maximum of 5 attempts (with empowerment). And by killing a Rift Guardian, you may also find Petrified Scream which can be used in Kanai’s Cube to enter the Echoing Nightmares arena.

Playing the usual Greater Rifts will take a lot of time and effort to level three legendary gems to level 65, taking into consideration the fact that you must be well-geared to play level 65. It will take roughly 40 complete Greater Rift runs with empowerment to level all 3 gems! But there is a better option nowadays…

If you (or your friends) are lucky enough to get at least 3 Petrified Screams from Greater Rifts, then it is your chance to finish this conquest within just a few minutes! Use one of the petrified screams to enter an arena and prepare for battle – kill as many waves of enemies as you can and don’t forget to grab the pylons if the wave is becoming too hard. Once you are defeated or the time runs out, you will be able to open a chest with loot and a new legendary gem called Whisper of Atonement. Depending on how many waves you cleared, you will receive a higher level of that gem (aim for level 65 and beyond).

Get three of these to beat the conquest faster

Now do the same steps two more times and try to kill as many enemies as you can! Once you receive three legendary gems from the reward chest, you will complete On a Good Day conquest. If for some reason this conquest isn’t unlocked, play one Greater Rift, and level an Atonement legendary gem beyond level 65.

Curses! / Stars Align

Conquest requirements: Kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment X difficulty or higher.

There are two great spots to finish this conquest, but remember, it must be done on Torment X or higher difficulty. One Cursed Chest can be found in the Halls of Agony Act I, and another in Paths of the Drowned Act V.

The best spots

The easiest way to find one of these chests is by checking your Bounties map. Look for a possible bounty quest named The Cursed Bellows (for Act I) or The Cursed Peat (for Act V). I personally recommend you the chest from Act V as it has more monsters, and they spawn close to each other.

If there is no bounty quest on your map, recreate the game, and look for these quests again. Sometimes these chests may spawn even without the bounty quest, but you will have to check it by yourself and spend some time scouting the entire map.

The Cursed chest from Act I is always located in the same rectangular room with burning tiles around it. This room has a roughly 33% chance to spawn. As for Act V, The Cursed chest can spawn at the top of a “Pyramid”, but if you see at the foot of the stairs a unique Tusk Bogan, then it spawned The Lord of the Hill event instead of the chest – simply recreate the game and look for that pyramid again.

How to make things right

Once you find a desired chest, consider a few options before clicking on it: bring the strongest ranged class with wide-area skills (Demon Hunter Unhallowed Essence, Wizard Tal’Rasha, Necromancer Rathma, or Monk Sunwuko) that can deal with enemies fast (specifically builds for fast farming rifts or bounties) or call for help. Playing with a group of three other players can drastically increase your chances of killing 350+ enemies within the time limit.

You should also consider using legendaries or items that reduce resource cost and improve cooldown reduction. No resource to cast a spell = no damage, right?

Once you click on a cursed chest, it will spawn waves of enemies and the timer will start. Make sure to kill as fast as you can, and you should be fine. Every person in your group will unlock the conquest if you kill at least 350 enemies on Torment X. If you are well-geared for this event (at least 1 million+ damage), it can be even possible to kill 450+ enemies.

If your group didn’t manage to kill 350 enemies within the time limit, there is no other option but to recreate the game and try again.

Video Guide

Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets

diablo 3 masters of the universe conquest

Conquest requirements: Master 8 of the following set Dungeons.

Even Pro players try to avoid this conquest, because it is extremely time-consuming and not fun. For this conquest you must have at least two different classes and find 8 different sets (full 6-piece or 5-piece, with equipped Ring of Royal Grandeur). This conquest can be combined with another one: Years of War / Dynasty. It requires to finish GR55 on 6 different sets.

P.s. New sets, that were added in patch 2.6.1 do not count (e.g. Gears of Dreadlands, Aegis of Valor, Horde of the Ninety Savages, Patterns of Justice, Mundunugu’s Relagia, Typhon’s Veil and Masquerade of the Burning Carnival).

All these sets must be ignored, because they don’t have Set-related dungeons!

You will have to focus on four different (vanilla) sets for each class. Prepare to play a lot of Nephalem Rifts or Greater Rifts to find most of the set pieces and required legendaries (feel free to ask for lootshare, if you are playing public games, it is absolutely fine).

You will also have to consult the build guides for each different set, pick the right skills and practice a lot if you are not familiar with that set.

Once you get used to a new set, it is time to find an entrance to a Set dungeon. Each set has its own entrance. I have a guide on my website, which covers some of the Easiest Set Dungeons for Each Class with all objectives and tips.

Some dungeons are easy, some are not

Your primary goal here is to master a set dungeon – without failing a single objective. If you fail at least one objective inside a dungeon, you must replay the entire dungeon. You should also take into consideration the time limit. Most set dungeons must be completed within 3-4 minutes! Finishing all objectives within a time limit will count toward the conquest. Repeat it 7 more times on different sets.

Carefully read all the objectives, check the map layouts (they are always fixed), and try different approaches. You may also call your friends to assist you with this conquest, but don’t let them kill every single monster! Ask them to follow you, carefully aggro enemies when needed or scout the area ahead.

Sprinter / Speed Racer

diablo 3 sprinter conquest

Conquest requirements: Complete Acts I through V at max level in under 1 hour.

Sprinter is the extremely complicated conquest among all. It can be done alone (if you are super lucky) or with a group of people, who know how to cut corners, skip dialogues, move fast and use portal-save mechanic.

Scary, right? And you have only one hour to beat an entire Story mode right from the Tristram road to Malthael! It’s a fun and daring challenge, if you plan to do this alone, but I’d recommend you stick to the group method, because it will save some of your nerves…and time.

Important tips

Before you begin with this conquest, you should tune some game settings. It is important! First, open Gameplay settings, and enable this option “Automatically Skip Cut Scenes”. Whenever you enter a boss fight arena, the game will auto-skip the cutscene.

Second, make sure that you assign the key in your keyboard settings for “Close all Windows”. Whenever you hear a dialogue from a boss or other NPC, it can be skipped by pressing that assigned key. Use it to proceed the story faster!

Third, assign a role to one of your group members to the Towner aka. idler who will talk to all quest NPCs for next steps (he must know with whom to talk to and when), cancel boss fight prompts as soon as possible, and also keep track of the time by notifying the group. Other group members must tell the Towner when to be ready for the next quest steps.

Fourth, during “Search’n’Claim” quests, you must split to increase your chances of finding a specific quest item or objective. Cooperate with your team and let them know what to do next, before it becomes chaotic.

Play the Campaign mode from the Fallen Star quest on Normal difficulty

Play this conquest on Normal difficulty to avoid distractions. Here’s are rough key time points that you must stick to when you complete each act: Act I – 12-16 minutes; Act II – 11-14 minutes; Act III – 12-15 minutes; Act IV – 2-8 minutes; Act V – 10-15 minutes. If you are behind that time – restart the game session. Remember, that the in-game timer begins when you enter a game.

You must also be present during Azmodan, Diablo and Malthael fight to trigger this conquest correctly – it’s for your safety. Once your team defeats Malthael after all his scripted mechanics, you will unlock this conquest (If you’re on time).

Best builds and items for the run

Pick the most flexible class you can play with: Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Barbarian or Witch Doctor. The Towner can choose any class, but he must move fast to the next NPC if something goes wrong.

You will need to equip legendaries that add movement speed to your hero: Warzechian Armguards, Krelm’s Buff Belt, Rechel’s Ring of Larceny, Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder, Wreath of Lightning, Danetta’s Hatred crossbows, Bul’Kathos Oath swords, and some other class-specific items.

To keep it simpler, you should play a certain build for your class. For Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes; for Demon Hunter – Gear of Dreadlands or Unhallowed Essence; for Monk – Sunwuko, Thousand Storms or Inna; for Necromancer – Pestilence, Trag’Oul, or Legacy of Dreams variation; for Witch Doctor – Mundunugu, Jade Harvester, or Zunimassa; for Crusader – Valor of Aegis, or Akkhan; for Wizard – Tal Rasha or Vyr.

Speed Demon / Need for Speed

Conquest requirements: Complete a Nephalem Rift at max level on Torment X or higher within 2 minutes.

This is a cheesy conquest that can be accidentally completed while playing Nephalem Rifts in public. But you must play above Torment X to be eligible for this conquest.

During your game sessions, you may encounter very “lucky” Rift layouts, with wide-open areas and crowds of enemies. Some of the maps include Festering Woods, Battlegrounds of Eternity, Weeping Hollow, Paths of the Drowned, Desolate Sands, Leoric’s Highlands or Cemetery. Usually, these maps can be cleared within 1-2 floors max and in less than two minutes. If you split and scout the area separately, you might increase your chances to spawn a boss faster.

One of the best maps – Cemetery

If you are playing on Torment XVI and you accidentally encounter a “perfect” map for this conquest – don’t pick up any Death’s Breath, legendaries or open any chests. It will save you some time.

Even if you don’t find any of these maps mentioned before, it is still possible to get this conquest. Just be aware, that once you open a rift the hidden timer starts. And if you feel, like you are about to get this conquest because the rift is almost over, then teleport back to town, wait for your group to kill the boss, and immediately talk to Orek to close the rift. It will trigger the conquest if you manage to clear the rift within 2 minutes.

If you are playing solo, be ready to bring a fast-paced build, something like Gears of Dreadlands Demon Hunter, Wrath of the Wastes Barbarian, Inna/Sunwuko Monk, Tal Rasha/Vyr Wizard, Mundunugu Witch Doctor, Pestilence Necromancer or Aegis of Valor Crusader.

Years of War / Dynasty

diablo 3 years of war conquest

Conquest requirements: Reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six of the following class sets.

For this conquest, you will have to level up a second (or even third) character, because there are only five sets available for each class. Your goal here is to scavenge as many set pieces as possible on both of your characters and try to make the proper 6-piece set build out of it.

You may also call your friends or ask strangers to lootshare class-specific items for you, because finding all that stuff on a fresh character alone is time-consuming.

If you are not familiar with many in-game sets, then prepare to consult leaderboards or video guides for gameplay mechanics. Some of the class sets may be too complicated and require too much gear to perform well even in GR55, so optimally, you can do your best attempts to beat Level 55 with 2-3 different sets, and then switch to another class and do the same. Try to find the sets and builds that suit you best and play Greater Rift Level 55.

Once you defeat a rift guardian on your 6th class set, you will unlock this conquest. Just remember to do this solo and with complete 6-piece set.

Final recommendations

As long as you play this game and learn in-game mechanics for different builds, you should be able to finish most of the conquests with ease.

Even if your character is weak, you can still attempt other conquests on Softcore or Hardcore. Some of these tasks can be easily done with the help of your friends or strangers from communities or a clan. If you are a solo player, I highly recommend you to raise your paragon level by farming Greater Rifts and Nephalem Rifts.

If a conquest requires you to meet the time limit (Sprinter, or Speed Demon for example), you can practice before the run, or watch other videos on YouTube. It may be time-consuming, but with practice you will increase your chances to beat any conquest.

Always consult leaderboards and build guides on the internet, if you don’t know what to do.

And if you still have some questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below on my YouTube channel, or use the links below. Thank you for reading this guide. I hope the information was helpful!