Diablo IV – How to Glitch-Kill Uber Lilith. Solo Achievement Guide

  • Post published:March 29, 2024
  • Post last modified:April 7, 2024
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Echo of Lilith – Glitch Kill

Echo of Lilith is the pinnacle boss in Diablo 4 that will test your character’s power. She can one-shot any hero if you aren’t careful enough to avoid her attacks (especially the ground spikes). Even if you are well-geared, you can still die in one second, and that’s quite annoying.

Of course, killing her is optional, but most players still want to deal with her just to complete all seasonal objectives, and specifically the Solo achievement called – Final Slayer of the First Mother.

To increase your chances of killing this Uber boss, you need a level 100 hero with proper spec, glyphs, paragon nodes, and decent item rolls. Pro players with overpowered builds (i.e. Ball Lightning Sorc or Shapeshifting Druid) can easily drop her health to zero, but what if you are a new player, or you don’t have enough spare time to make a perfect build?

This is where I’ll discuss one method, to kill Lilith in Solo, but you’d need another player for that.

How to Kill Uber Lilith “Solo”

If you are under-leveled, don’t have enough power to kill her, or you have no idea how to avoid her attacks, then you can invite another player to your group (this can be your friend or stranger). But another player you invite should have enough firepower to deal with the boss, while you stand idle and just watch the fight. But it’s considered as group-kill, right? – Yes, but only if all the players are present after finishing her.

The trick to get the Solo achievement is simple – let other players down her HP to zero then make them leave your group. After that, you’ll have to deal the final blow to Lilith. Sounds simple, but here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Invite your friends or strangers to your group. It would be best to invite only those, who are lvl 100 and have decent gear. It’s also recommended to turn on Crossplay in the settings.
  2. Tell other players, in advance, that you want to get a solo achievement. When the boss reaches the second phase and starts crushing floor tiles (if 0-5% HP is left), all invited players must manually leave the group. The more players you have in a group, the harder it is to operate as one team.
  3. Go to the Echo of Hatred dungeon in Nevesk with your team.
  4. Join the battle with Lilith and try to stay alive for the whole fight! If you die, ask your team to revive you, only when Lilith is doing “scripted stuff”.
  5. Once you reach the second phase (after Revival), do as much damage as you can. If your team is strong enough, Lilith’s HP will drop to zero, but she will die only after she destroys all floor tiles. It’s recommended to drop her to zero BEFORE she starts crushing the floor.
  6. Tell your party members to leave the group! They will leave the dungeon, and you’ll be on your own. You must be alive at that point.
  7. If Lilith’s HP is 0-5%, you simply need to avoid her attacks, while she cuts 3 tiles and then jumps to the center. If she has more HP (5-15%), hit Lilith with everything you have – she is vulnerable while destroying a floor section. But right before she destroys one tile, you must return to the center!
  8. Once you have her in the center and all tiles are destroyed, deal the fatal blow to her! After she dies, you’ll receive some loot and 1-2 achievements related to Uber Lilith. Congratulations!

And this is how you can kill Uber Lilith with your group to receive a solo achievement. If your players deal enough damage and leave fast, you should be fine. You don’t even have to be level 100 for that, but you still need some firepower to deliver the final kill! You can repeat these steps for any other player who also needs that achievement.

If you still have some questions, or you are a little confused, feel free to watch my YouTube video guide below.

YouTube Guide