Diablo 3 – Easiest Set Dungeons for Each Class

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Here is the list of my favorite set dungeons which you can easily master

Are you trying to finish Set Dungeons for the Seasonal chapters and master it with your class? Are you struggling to find the easiest one to complete your Seasonal Journey? In this short guide, I will share my personal list of the easiest set dungeons for each available class in Diablo 3.

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In case you are looking for the video version of this guide, then you can check my YouTube video below.

Video Guide – The Easiest Set Dungeons for Each Class

Barbarian – Immortal King’s Call

Immortal King’s Call


  1. Kill every Elite (7) using the 4000% damage bonus
  2. Kill 150 enemies whilst Wrath of the Berserker is active

One of the best Barbarian‘s set dungeon is definitely Immortal King.

You can find this set dungeon next to the Ruins of Sescheron in Act III. Once you take a few steps forward across the bridge, and immediately turn right, you will find the entrance to this dungeon.

Inside this dungeon, you will find two basic objectives. The first one is to kill every elite with the six piece’s bonus active. Meaning, you need to make sure that you have both, Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker active at the same time.

The second objective is also connected to the first one – you will need to kill 150 enemies while Wrath of the Berserker is still active. It is relatively easy to complete both of these objectives. It is recommended to avoid killing enemies if your Wrath of the Berserker is on cooldown, as the amount of enemies in this dungeon is very limited.

To reduce the cooldown for your offensive abilities, you can stack cooldown reduction in your gear, change your passive ability to Boon of Bul-Kathos and also cast your rage-spending abilities more often, like Whirlwind or for example Seismic Slam.

The rest is simple. Keep killing all the enemies only when you have Wrath of the Berserker active, try to move fast, don’t be afraid to run into the crowd of enemies and always check the map for the remaining enemies.

Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder

Embodiment of the Marauder


  1. Kill 140 enemies with 3 or more Sentries active
  2. Do not allow any enemies into melee range

Another easiest dungeon that can be completed for Demon Hunter is Embodiment of the Marauder.
The Set Dungeon for this set is located in Act III – Fields of Slaughter. Just look for the weird-looking bridge above the pit in the middle of the map.

Personally, this is one of my favorite set dungeon which I like to play whenever I choose Demon Hunter for a fresh start. This is especially beneficial if the Starter Set from Haedrig’s gift is also Marauder.

To master this dungeon, all you have to do is to spam Sentries whenever you move to the next area and try to keep them at the maximum number (You can increase the number of Sentries with your passive ability Custom Engineering, or equip Bombardier’s Rucksack quiver). But don’t worry, If you fail to refresh your Sentry, you will not fail the first objective. The rest is pretty straightforward. The goal here is to keep your distance as far as possible and kill all the enemies.

And while your skills and active sentries can easily annihilate any foe, there is one specific type of enemy that can ruin your dungeon – Rockworms. These nasty creatures appear from the ground right below your position and if you keep standing there, you will fail the second objective. To avoid this, you can easily track their position
or your mini-map. Once they teleport to your position, you can wait for like half a second and then use Vault or just move away from the spot, to let them unburrow for the kill.

But if you do this too quickly, the Rockworm will continue teleporting to your position. So don’t rush, always check the mini-map for the remaining enemies and don’t be afraid to move forward as your time is limited.

Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements

Tal Rasha’s Elements


  1. Kill 90 enemies while Tal Rasha is stacked 4 times
  2. Do not get bitten by a Rockworm

As for the Wizards, the easiest set dungeon in my opinion is Tal Rasha. You can find the entrance for this dungeon in Act I – Old Tristram road, right before the Cathedral, level 1.

This dungeon doesn’t require many preparations or legendary items. You can easily beat this dungeon without equipping much, but you have to use 4 different elements to maintain the buff (for the first objective). To do so, you can cast different spells with 4 different elements: Fire, Lightning, Arcane and Cold.

Basically, you can choose any spell you like, as Meteors that fall from the sky will destroy your enemies fast. And you can get into close range if you want, there is no penalty for that.

The second objective is obvious – don’t get hit by a Rockworm. The same Rockworm that is present inside Marauder’s set dungeon I mentioned earlier. To avoid getting hit, simply check the map for the remaining “hidden” enemies, wait for one second to let it un-burrow and try to move away from that spot as far as possible for the kill.
Sometimes it may take a few tries, as Rockworms in rare cases may still reach you even when you are far away.

It is probably related to ping or attack delay, or both. So pay attention to the map, cast different spells to keep Tal’Rasha elements buff, and don’t stand still – These are the three main rules that you should follow while doing this dungeon.

Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt

Zunimassa’s Haunt


  1. Grip 150 enemies in the Grasp of the Dead
  2. Do not allow any enemies into melee range

If you are a big fan of Witch Doctor, then you should definitely try Zunimassa’s Haunt. The location of this set dungeon is in Act III. The Core of Arreat. It is hard to miss it. You will find this portal on the way to Azmodan.

This is another ranged dungeon, that requires you to stay away from angry enemies, and you should kill them before they even reach you. There are not many enemies which can do so, just pay attention to Fallen Lunatics and Fallen minions. (enemy’s projectiles don’t count).

Basically, you will need to use your Grasp of the Dead as often as possible. To do so, you can roll cooldown reduction in all possible pieces or if you are lucky, find a specific off-hand mojo called Wilken’s Reach. It will completely remove the cooldown on this spell, and you can literally spam it to every enemy you see on your screen.

As for your Fetish Army, they can easily tank all incoming damage and protect you from melee attackers. Don’t worry – they aren’t too strong to kill your enemies if you haven’t applied mana spenders like Grasp of the Dead. So you shouldn’t be afraid that fetishes would ruin the dungeon and kill all enemies before you applied your essential skills.

I have not encountered any problems whatsoever while playing this dungeon, and even Elite Shamans couldn’t stop me. So to keep things short: keep your distance, apply Grasp of the Dead non-stop, plan accordingly, and you should be fine.

Monk – Monkey King’s Garb

Monkey King’s Garb


  1. Maintain Sweeping Wind for the duration of the dungeon
  2. Use your Decoys to hit 20 different enemies in 6 seconds

The next set dungeon is for Monk Monkey King’s Garb.

The dungeon for this set is located in Act IV – The Pinnacle of Heaven, which is right next to Diablo boss entrance. Just take the Silver Spire level 2 waypoint and proceed to the next area. Unfortunately, most of the monk’s set aren’t easy, but Monkey King is probably the easiest one among all.

This one requires you to stack and maintain Sweeping Wind for the entire set dungeon. You can refresh Sweeping Wind by attacking more enemies, pressing it manually or just equipping this extremely useful belt named Kyoshiro’s Soul. It will automatically refresh your Sweeping Wind and you can basically ignore the second objective completely.

Another trick inside this dungeon – the hardest objective here, is to let your Decoy kill 20 enemies 5 times. This decoy is spawned every second when you or your Mystic Ally hit an enemy.

And to make things easier, we should use Dashing Strike and Cyclone Strike. These abilities will help you rush into the crowd of enemies and gather them for your Decoy, which will later explode to trigger the objective. Just make sure that the timer has not started yet, or else you may fail to register the correct amount of killed enemies.

Once the hardest part is done, you can simply rush and slay the rest of the enemies in your way using Wave of Light or any other ability which benefits from the 6th piece set bonus.

This set dungeon may certainly take some time to master, but in my humble opinion, it is still better than three other set dungeons available to the monk.

Necromancer – Trag’Oul’s Avatar

Trag’Oul’s Avatar


  1. Spend 1000% of your life on abilities
  2. Heal 1000% of your life with abilities

Next is Necromancer – There are many set dungeons for this class that can be easily mastered, but I personally prefer Trag’oul’s Avatar. Especially with the recent tweaks to this set (in Patch 2.7.4), it is now much deadlier than ever.

The dungeon for this set is located in the Upper realm of Cursed Fate Act IV. Just head down the stairs to the south, and eventually, you will find the entrance.

Inside, you have very basic objectives. Spend 1000% of your life using skills and Heal 1000% of your life. This is basically done with two important skills – Devour and Death Nova. And to make things extra easy – Land of the Dead thanks to which you can finish the second objective within 5 seconds if you spam Devour to heal from your free corpses.

Spending 1000% life is also easy. As you go through the dungeon, you will encounter many enemies, which you will instantly kill with Death Nova with the rune Blood Nova. As the Rune suggests, each cast will cost you 10% health, which is what we need for this set dungeon. Simply spam this ability as often as you can, and use Devour to heal yourself back to full Health.

By the time you clear an entire dungeon, this objective should be completed naturally, but if you feel that it might not be enough, and you are running out of enemies, then stop for a moment and use your Death Nova a couple of times before proceeding to the next room.

Basically, this set dungeon only requires you to spam Devour, Death Nova and sometimes Land of the Dead. The rest is super straightforward.

Crusader – Thorns of the Invoker

Thorns of the Invoker


  1. Get hit by 75 spears thrown by Blood and Moon Clan enemies
  2. Kill 5 Elites while standing in Consecration with Iron Skin active

And the final class is Crusader with the Thorns of the Invoker set dungeon. I was thinking to include Seeker of the Light dungeon instead, as it doesn’t require many items or skills to beat the dungeon. But the Mortar objective is what some of the players find annoying. Simply because it could randomly fail your run with a single mortar shot.

So instead, I decided that Invoker set dungeon is here for the best. The dungeon for this set is located above New Tristram road, at the spot where you start a new campaign. Head there and enter the portal.

Inside, There are two super easy objectives that can be done without much preparation. Just let Impalers throw their spears at you, but don’t get too excited, as the time is limited. This objective can be finished on its own if you move carefully through the crowd and don’t rush to destruction.

As for the second objective, this is where you can fail if you are not patient enough, or lack cooldown reduction for two required skills – Iron Skin and Consecration. If you fail to apply one of these, and elite dies, you will fail the objective and thus ruin your run.

Sometimes you may even encounter two elites at the same spot. So watch carefully and if your Iron Skin is about to end, then fall back a little and wait till your skills are ready again.

And this is basically it. The whole dungeon can be finished even without Boyarsky legendary gem. Again, use your patience to your benefit, and don’t rush to kill a crowd of enemies.


Can I play set dungeons with my friend?

  • Yes. Your friend can enter a dungeon with you and assist you if needed. Just bring your fully equiped set to open the portal.

What if I die inside a set dungeon on Hardcore?

  • Your deeds will be remembered.

Do I need a lot of damage/toughness to beat a set dungeon?

  • Absolutely not. Every single dungeon is designed for poorly geared low-paragon characters. If your character is too strong for a dungeon it can only make things even worse. That’s because some objectives require you to aggro enemies first (e.g. Unhallowed Essence dungeon) or scout the area for optimal kills. If you have a few thorns in your gear, most enemies will also die and not count towards your objective.

If I failed one objective, can I still master a dungeon?

  • No. You will have to start over. My recommendation: don’t rush, you have plenty of time.

Can I enter a dungeon with 5-set pieces if I have Ring of Royal Grandeur?

  • Yes, there is no need to collect all 6 set pieces if you have equipped Ring of Royal Grandeur.

I failed a dungeon. How can I restart it quickly?

  • There is no fast way to do so. You can either walk your way to the entrance or try to die from a monster (if you are on Softcore) and revive at last checkpoint. Or you can use teleport to town, and run back to a green portal.

Can my friend/party member do my set dungeon’s objectives for me?

  • No. It’s your dungeon and you have to do all the kills and cast required abilities. Your party members can only scout the area, aggro enemies or buff your character. However, if you have completed all objectives, you and your friend can kill all the remaining enemies.

What about new set dungeons for new class sets that were released back patch 2.6.1?

  • There are no new set dungeons for these sets. You will need to collect “vanilla” sets and find an entrance to participate in that activity.


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Happy Farming!

I know that some of the players might struggle with the several set dungeons. This is the reason why I wrote this guide. I have listed all my favorite set dungeons for each class. So you can pick any whenever you start a new season.

I hope you found this short guide useful. I wish you good luck in all upcoming seasons, and the strength to master all the dungeons quickly. Have a nice day and stay safe!

If you still have some questions, or wish to support my work, feel free to check the links below. Thank you!