GTA Vice City – How to reach Second Island Early (3 ways)

  • Post published:June 30, 2021
  • Post last modified:December 25, 2023
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This “guide” was created with the Definitive Edition collection of mods that enhance visuals and gameplay aspects.

If you are interested to play this mod for yourself, then In this article, you will find the instructions (in Russian) on how to install this mod for your Vanilla Vice City game. The official mod page in English can be found here.

Below you will find three of my most popular methods to get to the second island without going through the story.

These methods which are shown below can also be executed in the remastered version of GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition that released on November 11, 2021.

Method #1 – Floating Medic

This first method requires you to find an Ambulance car and drive it straight to Docks, specifically Dock №1 as seen on the screenshot below, and position it right behind the water. Ambulance car can be found near the hospital or make the paramedics appear after killing some pedestrians.

Once you position your car close to the edge, push it with your body into the water and while this car stays afloat, jump on its roof, then turn around and jump onto the platform behind the closed gate.

After that, you are free to pick any boat in the docks and set sail to any destination. There is a boatyard’s ramp on the other side of the ocean to land safely on the second island, or you can choose another pier next to Starfish Island, which is shown in the second method below.

Method #2 – Catch-a-ride Style

This method is simple but boring at the same time. All you need to do is to open Starfish island after completing several story missions, or you can get inside extremely early with the same old ambulance trick.

This method may not work in the remastered version of the game, since there is an invisible wall above the fence that blocks our way to the island.

Position Ambulance car right next to the wall, between the fence and jump on the car.

Park your ambulance car right next to the wall and jump on it to cross the barrier. Then keep moving to the other part of the island (close to the bridge of second island) until you face the edge of Starfish Island.

Just sit and wait for any boat to get close to the shore. Beware, that a boat may retreat back to the ocean if it sees you nearby.

Once it is close enough for your reach, jump onto the boat, steal it and drive any place you want.

Method #3 – Surprise Attack

Same as Method #2 but this spot is different, and it is a little bit complex compared to the other two. Head to the northern Bridge of the First island which connects Prawn island and keep standing on the bridge as shown in the screenshot below.

Eventually, you will find a possible boat to steal. All you need to do is to calculate the trajectory and jump right into the boat.

This may take several attempts before you succeed. It might be fun to try something different from usual.

Video Demonstration

The All-in-one video below will explain and clearly show everything you read in this article before.

You can rate this article/Video on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading and watching my video! I hope that this information was helpful for you.