How to play Diablo 1 on Modern PC

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Hell Awaits once again…

This is a short text guide on how to install and play Diablo 1 on your Modern (Windows) PC. There is also a video version of this guide listed below. In this post, I will discuss two of the most popular mods for Diablo 1 – Belzebub (single-player)/Tchernobog (multiplayer) and DevilutionX (multiplayer mod only)


  1. First, you must find a Licensed copy of Diablo 1. Either a CD or emulated ISO and then Install the game the usual way to any desired directory.

You can purchase Diablo 1 copy from GoG or Using “external” sources is also valid.

  1. After you have completed the installation, you need to open the main CD/ISO Directory of the disc, find DIABDAT.MPQ (around 505MB size) and copy it to your installed Diablo Directory.

This step is required to launch our mods! Diabdat.mpq must be located next to diablo.exe file.

Installed D1 directory with DIABDAT File
  1. Head to the official Belzebub website and check the Download section.
  2. For Singleplayer: Download Diablo 1 HD Mod and unpack the files into your installed Diablo I directory. For Multiplayer: You should download Project Tchernobog instead, and unpack the files into your installed Diablo I directory.
  3. Launch Belzebub.exe for Singleplayer mode, or Tchernobog.exe for Multiplayer game.

Single-Player Features (Belzebub mod)

This massive mod doesn’t replace the core mechanics of the game. It enhances the gaming experience by adding Modern resolutions, reworked UI, and HD textures.

Apart from these Cosmetic changes, This mod also adds many new Spells, locations, classes, new unique items, stash, new difficulty levels, and more… The list of all features can be found here.

Multiplayer (Tchernobog mod)

The Multiplayer version has some major differences from the Single-player part. The story content is mostly absent there. You will not find many dialogues, cutscenes, or quests in town. The rest is mostly identical to Belzebub. You are free to beat the game in any way you like, and then replay it on any difficulty after you kill magnificent Diablo himself.

To play this mod with your friends, you have several options here (of course after you have unpacked Tchernobog mod into Diablo folder):

  1. Host the game and send your Internet IP (not local) to your friends to play ONLINE

You can find your internet IP address via Windows settings, in your Router page, or simply check this website Whatismyip which will show your Public IP address.

Keep in mind that your IP may change after some time. This may happen if you use a Dynamic IP address provided by your ISP. Each time your IP changes, you will need to provide a new Address to your friends to let them join your session. This issue can be solved with either a Static ISP IP or by 3rd party tools like Hamachi which emulates local static network.

  1. Join the game your friend created before. Just enter Join Game and enter the IP address provided by your friend.
  2. If you have both computers in the same Local Network, (e.g. in one room or home) you can use Game LIST to find created sessions or simply host the game with your local IP which looks something like, and join this IP with another computer

Where are my Savefiles?

Single-player mode characters are located in the main D1 Folder/Data/Player_save/

Multiplayer mode characters are located in the main D1 Folder/Diablo 1 Tchernobog/Save/

FAQ – Troubleshooting

Below is the list of some possible problems that can be encountered with the mod:

The multiplayer session is not joinable (connection timeout)Check your internet/LAN IP address. If it doesn’t help, try to create VPN local network with Hamachi and use a static IP from the app (from the network you created)
Windows doesn’t allow me to create a gameAdd exception to Win Firewall for the entire Diablo1 folder or Exe files
The game goes Full black screen after launchMake sure all Mod files are in place (In D1 Directory). Also try to launch .exe files in the compatibility mode (Windows XP, Windows 98) and with Admin rights.
Our Co-Op group is facing Lag-spikes and high pingEnsure you have Opened and Portforwarded 18887 Port in your router settings and set it to UDP. Port forwarding guides for different routers can be found Online. If you are still facing connection problems, try using VPN services.
Tchernobog.exe/Belzebub.exe doesn’t launch: DLL library glewinit errorUnpack only one mod at a time to play specific game modes. If you’d like to play SP, then unpack Belzebub and replace the files. If you’d like to play MP, then unpack Tchernobog instead. You can’t have both at the same time!
My game doesn’t save progressTry to launch the game as Administrator. Also, make sure to run it in a compatibility mode for Windows XP-7
How to install another language pack? (FR, PL, CZ, TR, IT, PT, ES)After installing HD Mod, you need to download 1 MB language archive from the Noktis website and extract it into the game folder. Only for Belzebub.
Where do I copy Diabdat.MPQ? (Error: File not found)This file must be copied from ISO/CD to your installed Diablo 1 Directory (next to exe file)

DevilutionX Mod (Multiplayer only)

This mod is pretty straightforward. Just like the Belzebub mod, it can be installed the same way.

Just keep in mind that this mod may overwrite some of Belzebub files This is the main page of this mod.

Detailed installation page of DevilutionX mod. It supports several OSs including Linux and even Playstation so check it out. Download the files and unpack them into your D1 Directory

DevilutionX Is an alternate Option to play Diablo I. While Belzebub modifies and enhances D1 Content, DevilutionX attempts to capture the original VANILLA Feeling with old Visuals, old UI, resolutions, classes, and the same unique items from 1996.

Official Mods Pages

Video Guide